Garden Benches

Many people who live with gardeners wonder why these men and women bother with garden seating. After all, few gardeners actually sit still in their gardens. There is always just one more weed to pull or one more plant to divide. However, gardeners know that benches are an important addition to any garden for several reasons.

First, garden benches can be used to add year round structure to gardens. A solid, well- built bench is able to stay out in the garden year round. During winter months, when plants have died back and the garden looks a bit barren, benches are still there. A coat of snow only enhances the beauty of a bench resting in the garden bed.

Garden benches can also be an important focal point in the garden. If you have a path that is going nowhere, place a bench at the end of the path. You have created an immediate destination and the path is now important.

If you have a bare spot in your garden, especially a spot that is too stony or filled with tree roots for planting, you can quickly add a decorative element to this boring spot with a garden bench. Don’t forget that a bench is good for more than holding people. It can also be used as a display shelf for the garden. Use a bench in a hard to reach location to display potted plants, statuary, or other garden accessories.

Finally, a garden bench can add a welcome touch to any garden bed. Since most gardeners want other people to enjoy their gardens, they need places for those people to sit. Most gardens have several benches in them, so that visitors can sit and enjoy the best garden views or take a break before starting back through the garden to the house.

Once you decide why you want to use benches in your garden, you can decide what type of bench you want. There are many garden bench styles and each one can create a very different mood in the garden.

Concrete benches are heavy, cold, and often quite ornate. They are usually starkly white and can really steal the scene in a smaller garden bed. However, if you love the durability of a concrete bench but don’t want it to be so obvious, you can make your bench blend with the garden by growing moss on it.

Wooden garden benches are made from a variety of woods and can be quite durable. However, you will need to seal your bench properly to enhance its longevity. If you like the weathered look, you can use gray stain to make the wood look older before you seal it. If you want to make the bench a focal point in the garden, you can paint it with a bright color of outdoor paint.

Metal benches can last for a century with proper care. These benches can really add a sense of permanence to newer gardens.

Finally, you can now buy plastic and resin benches in an overwhelming variety of colors and designs.

With all of these choices, you can easily find the perfect bench for your garden.