Do you picture yourself relaxing in a hammock under the shade of a tree on warm summer evenings? If so, you are not alone. The hammock is a popular piece of garden furniture.

Although hammocks are traditionally hung between two trees, don’t let the fact that you don’t have two perfectly spaced trees available stop you from enjoying the comfort of swaying in your own hammock after a hard day’s work. Hammock stands make it simple for you to place hammocks in any location.

If you don’t care for the look of hammock stands and don’t have trees to hang your hammock from, you can still hang a hammock in your yard. Your hammock’s manufacturer should include information on how far your trees should be from each other. You can just install two pressure treated posts the proper distance apart, instead. Dig down at least three feet and concrete the posts in to be sure your hammock is secure. Then, secure the hammock from the posts just as you would fasten it to two trees.

Do you wish you could enjoy your hammock in rainy weather as well as sunny weather? You can lounge in your hammock on even less than perfect spring or summer days if you hang it on your porch. This extra protection also enables you to accessorize your hammock with a few pretty throw pillows and a blanket for chillier evenings.

You can hang a hammock on your porch by anchoring it to a stud in the wall of the house on one side and a porch column on the other. Just be sure your column is not hollow, since the hammock could pull loose too easily. If you don’t have solid pillars, try suspending your hammock from the porch ceiling. Anchor a chain to the ceiling just as you would for a swing and then hook the hammock to the chain.

To include a touch of fun to your home and enjoy your hammock year round, bring your hammock inside. Hammock stands make it simple for you to add the comfort and relaxation of a hammock to your family room. You can also hang your hammock securely from two wall studs if you do not want to use a hammock stand.

In fact, you can even use your hammock for it’s original purpose, an alternative to the bed. Hang your hammock in the bedroom and let it rock you to sleep every night. Just make sure you use a hammock stand or secure the hammock to wall studs, since wall anchors could fail to hold up with constant use.

Wherever you place your new hammock, just make sure you find the time to enjoy it.

Hammocks can really add something unique to enjoying your garden. Even consider hammock chairs for the less adventorous. Compare the relative attributes mayan hammocks as well as other