If you have a sunny yard, you may want to consider adding a garden parasol, or umbrella, to create a more comfortable shady spot. If the sun is beating down on your patio, a parasol can provide a cooler spot to enjoy the gardens on even the brightest days. In addition, parasols have become a must for sunny gardens because of the heightened awareness of skin cancer, which is often caused by exposure to the sun’s rays.

Parasols come in an assortment of colors and styles. Although the hexagon shape is very common, square and rectangular parasols are also available. Choose a standard green parasol if you want it to blend with your garden. However, you can have a lot of fun and add some real personality to your garden by choosing one of the more brightly colored parasols.

If you will be using your parasol in the center of a patio table, you will want a traditional parasol that has the pole in the center. However, if you want to use your parasol with a table that does not have a center hole, you may want to consider one of the models that are made with a pole on one side instead.

If you will be using a parasol with chairs, you can buy a freestanding parasol holder that can easily be moved anywhere in the yard. You can also find other fun options, such as a parasol holder that is also a double planter.

If gardens in your area are prone to gnats or mosquitoes, you may want to consider a net for your garden parasol. This will turn your parasol into a mini screened room. You will be able to keep the bugs at bay while you sit under your parasol and enjoy the garden in the early morning or late afternoon.

Caring for your garden parasol is not at all difficult. When you are not using your parasol, you can store it in a garden shed or a garage. However, it is easier to leave your parasol in place and simply close it up and then protect it with a waterproof cover. Also, you will need to make sure that you do not leave your parasol open when the weather forecasts call for heavy winds, since wind can cause serious damage.

Remember, if you use a garden parasol, you can enjoy your garden on even the sunniest day without worrying about subjecting yourself or your loved ones to prolonged sun exposure.
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