Conservatory Furniture

If you are fortunate enough to have a conservatory, you probably want to spend time relaxing in the room while you enjoy the serene atmosphere. To get the most from the room, you will need to choose some conservatory furniture.

Many people prefer the light and airy feel of wicker in their conservatories. Wicker furniture is stylish and comfortable. You can choose from pieces such as rocking chairs, armchairs, settees, coffee tables, and side tables to furnish the room. You can even use wicker accessories like planters and lamps as accents in a conservatory furnished in wicker.

If you use wicker outside during the warmer months and bring it in to the conservatory during the winter, you will need to do some maintenance. Clean your wicker with warm soapy water before you bring it indoors to remove pollen and grime. Since wicker is prone to damage from extreme temperature changes or prolonged exposure to moisture, you will also need to be sure to repaint and seal these pieces each year.

If you prefer a more masculine look in your conservatory, you may want to look into rattan furniture. Rattan furniture usually is a bit larger in scale than wicker furniture. As you look at the different pieces available, don’t forget to take a look at rattan chaise lounges and ottomans for pieces that can really add a touch of class to the room.

Do you like the classic look of wooden furniture? Any of the stylish teak or cedar pieces that are made for gardens are also ideal for conservatories. Whether you buy a sun lounger or a garden bench, you can bring these pieces into the conservatory by dressing them up with cushions that are covered in designer fabrics.

Don’t forget to take a look at metal furniture for your conservatory. Traditionally styled iron furniture looks terrific when it is situated amongst lush tropical plants. In rooms that are humid, you may want to consider aluminum furniture, which will hold up well. Fortunately, today’s aluminum loungers and chairs do not look like the old aluminum pieces that used to be our only option. With attractive finishes and a great deal of style, aluminum furnishings look terrific in the conservatory.

Finally, take a look at recycled plastic furniture for your conservatory. The molded plastic pieces that are available today look like traditional wooden furnishings, but do not require the yearly maintenance that real wooden pieces need.

Double Glazing

Wooden garden furniture can match your double glazed windows particular if you have traditional sash windows with attractive wooden frames.


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