Wooden Garden Furniture

Do you need to add some seating areas to your garden?

Perhaps you want to turn a path into a destination. Consider adding a few pieces of wooden garden furniture to your garden.

Whether your garden is a naturalistic wooded landscape or you have a coastal beach garden, you can easily find some pieces that add the perfect touch to your garden, since wooden garden furniture comes in many styles.

To add just the right touch to your woodland garden, take a look at rustic wooden furniture. These benches, tables, and seats are often made completely from tree branches that still have bark on them. Some are a combination of pinewood and tree branches. These pieces have a handcrafted look that makes them a special addition to any yard.

If you have a coastal garden, you may want to consider Adirondack chairs and a matching side table and footstool. These chairs look wonderful on the deck or patio, especially when they are painted in bright primary colors. Their design makes them very comfortable to sit in and the wide arms of the chairs are ideal for holding a glass of lemonade.

A traditional wooden bench is the perfect accent for a cottage style or an English style garden. Wooden sun loungers will also fit well in these gardens. Add a wooden table and a few chairs to your patio so that you and your guests can enjoy dinner while admiring the beauty of your garden. For more versatility, make sure you purchase a table that will accommodate an umbrella so you can sit in the shade on sunny days.

Do you have a yard that is landscaped so that your children have plenty of play space? Add a wooden picnic table so that you can enjoy outdoor meals as a family. Also, make sure you have plenty of seating near play areas so adults can relax while keeping an eye on the children. Finally, don’t forget to add children’s wooden furniture, such as a child sized table and chairs, to the garden so that your children can enjoy the yard easily.

Once you purchase your wooden furniture, make sure that you maintain it properly. You should apply a protective finish to your pieces to keep them from deteriorating from prolonged sun and rain exposure. Acrylic latex paint, exterior wood stain, or water repellent preservative are all good choices.

With the proper care and management, your wooden garden furniture will give you a great deal of enjoyment for many years to come.
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