Swing Seats

When you think of swing seats, you probably picture a swing hanging on an old fashioned wrap around porch. Traditional swing seats have been a popular type of garden furniture for many generations and are still quite popular.

However, today, you can buy many types of swing seats, and you don’t necessarily need a front porch to have a swing. Freestanding swings are more and more popular, since many people do not have porches or trees to hang swings from. In fact, if you like a swing seat that is not free standing and do not have a place to hang it, don’t let that stop you. You can buy a separate A-frame stand that will hold your swing instead of having to hang it from a tree or porch roof.

Traditional swing seats are still readily available, but you can also buy swings that seat more than two people, swings that are extra wide, and swings that are made of less traditional materials, such as rustic wood or metal. Swing seats with canopies are also growing more and more common.

If you need a swing seat that holds an entire family, you may want to consider a swing seat for four people. These wooden swings are actually two seats that face each other. They often have a roof so that they can be used in all types of weather and some models come with a table. You can choose between pressure treated and cedar swing seats.

Do you need a slightly smaller swing? You may want to consider a freestanding three person swing seat. These seats are usually upholstered with waterproof fabric and have a matching awning to protect them from bad weather so that they can be placed on the deck, patio, or anywhere in the garden.

If you want to lie back and relax, but don’t enjoy climbing into a hammock, an extra wide swing seat may be the perfect seat for you. These seats are usually flat platforms without and sides or backs. A thick cushion provides plenty of comfort and the gentle swinging motion makes these seats the perfect place to take an afternoon nap.

So, as you are shopping for garden furniture, don’t forget to purchase a swing seat, and don’t let the fact that you don’t have a porch stop you from experiencing the simple pleasure of relaxing on a swing seat with friends and family on warm spring evenings.