Furniture Covers

Garden furniture can be quite expensive and it is not something that anyone wants to have to replace too frequently. However, few people have the time and energy to protect their furniture by putting it away when they aren’t using it only to have to haul it out again when they want to sit out on the patio with a glass of iced tea. Furniture covers are one simple way you can help protect your garden furniture from the weather.

If you were thinking that you only needed to use furniture covers for the winter, think again. It is a good idea to use furniture covers year round. The summer sun can also cause quite a lot of damage. Excessive overheating is not good for furniture, either. Heavy rains and wind can also be destructive. You will have to do less re-painting, staining, and repairing when you protect your furniture from the elements.

Covers also keep dirt, debris, and bird droppings from accumulating on your furniture. This makes using furniture on the spur of the moment easy, since you will not need to worry about wiping a heavy layer of yellow pollen off of your seats before you sit down.

Furniture covers are not like the close fitting covers that you use to slipcover your sofa or easy chair. Instead, you can purchase large, loose fitting covers that are made to slip over an entire patio set. Covers for individual pieces are also available. You can even buy your parasol a cover. Don’t forget to add covers for your grill and your lawn equipment.

Some covers have an elasticized bottom, which keeps them more securely in place during high winds. Others have a drawstring at the bottom, which allows you to pull the cover tightly into place.

Many furniture covers are made from clear PVC plastic, but there are green covers available which blend more readily with the garden. Reversible covers that come in two colors or a solid color and a pattern are also available.

Cushion covers are also available for garden furniture. These covers help prolong the life of the cushion fabric. Some of these covers are made so that they can be left on the cushions when they are in use. Many also have additional features, such as handles that make carrying the cushions easy.

So, when you purchase furniture for your garden, don’t forget to buy covers for your pieces so that you can protect your investment.
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