Ski hire Bansko – the magic of the winter in Bansko

If you’re looking to get away with the entire family for a nice ski vacation, you are reading the right article.

You want to have fun but do not want to spend a lot of money. So here it is … The ski holiday in Bansko, Bulgaria is perfect for you.

And do not think that it is something which is not good. The resort is well-known and is one of the most popular ones in Eastern Europe. There are lots of people going there every season. The place is attractive during the whole year and is one of the best tourist places in Bulgaria.

The skiing is the most popular winter sport there and this is why there are so many slopes. There is 48.2 km of slopes and 8.1km of ski routes available. Also, 14 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 990 and 2,560m.

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All you have to know is that if you like skiing, you have to keep doing it. And if you do not or you haven’t tried it yet, now is the best time.

If you are now convinced to come with your family for a ski holiday in Bansko, you have to know some important things.

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Feel the spirit of the winter at the best place for that – Bansko ski slopes. Ski hire and ski school lessons at the lowest price.

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